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President's Message

For over 60 years, NTCFI has remained focused on our mandate to provide an organization and location for the continuation of professional circulation/audience development, fulfillment, telemarketing and other core components of the B2B media world to provide information for readers/recipients to be successful. Our membership must continue to have the knowledge necessary to perform their tasks and the need is even more urgent today.

We are all aware of the technological advances we have had to embrace and enhance - in many cases, taking the lead in merging old and new systems and procedures in order to stay on top. We can't do that in a vacuum so we keep up to date by tapping knowledgeable resources in print, online and LIVE. I, personally, have found that actual interaction with peers immensely builds someone's awareness of what is happening and accumulating smart concepts and procedures.

To quote my favorite Chinese Proverb - "A single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth a month's study of books." And NTCFI provides this opportunity by providing a forum to ?eat, talk and learn,? as the historical overview below notes. Beyond our meetings, NTCFI offers a way to connect with others whenever a question or problem arises. I have always found members willing to share their time, knowledge and experiences on an informal basis. Working together is a win-win situation.

Take advantage of all that NTCFI and the trade circulation community have to offer. Check out our Resource Directory and upcoming events. Attend. Join. Get involved. Take your job and your personal growth to the next level.

NTCFI can help make that happen.

Barry J. Green
National Trade Circulation Foundation Inc.

The First 60 Years - A History of Our Organization

In 1948, flush with our WWII victory and having the largest industrial base of any country in the world, America embarked on an unprecedented economic expansion. The business press kept pace.

The number of business publications keeping this economic expansion informed exploded. New business opportunities and discoveries created the need for up-to-date news and information. It was through this process that the modern circulation professional was born, but not without some hurdles.

In 1948 (and to a great degree still true today) there were no formal educational programs on the basics of circulation - no books, no seminars, no magazines dedicated to the subject, and having online references wasn't even a thought. Personal computers didn't exist. A few circulation professionals in New York City decided to do something to help themselves and their peers meet the new challenges in circulation. They organized a regular forum, a luncheon, and invited circulation professionals to "eat, talk and learn from each other." The Business Publications Circulation Council (BPCC) was born.

For the next eighteen years, BPCC maintained a monthly forum for peers to meet, share job experiences and learn from guest speakers.

In 1966 BPCC changed its name to The National Business Circulation Association (NBCA) to reflect what had become a nationally-represented organization. For the next two decades business publishing, fueled by technology (computers were making their first appearance in circulation maintenance) and a rapidly expanding global economy, grew at record pace. And so did the membership of NBCA. From the handful of friends that met for lunch, the organization grew to over 150 professionals by the early-80s.

Seeking to secure the long-term future of the association, in 1997 NBCA was re-organized on a non-profit status and was officially renamed The National Trade Circulation Foundation Inc. (NTCFI)./p>

True to the original goals of the founding members, NTCFI continues to offer an environment that promotes the professionalism of those involved in business publishing circulation, providing education for those just entering the field and offering opportunities for all to exchange circulation ideas and trends in the publishing industry. Becoming a member of NTCFI is to become an active participant in ensuring that you remain on the cutting edge of this profession and garner the recognition you deserve as a part of the B2B publishing industry.